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From the time we graduate and on through our twenties we experience a time of discovery and growth. We are independent and on our own for the first time in our young eighteen-year-old lives as we venture into adulthood.


This is where we discover for ourselves what we want our lives to look like apart from our parents. We decide where we live and where we work and what we believe. We experience major life moments such as graduating college, starting a career, buying a house or starting a family.


While we encounter real life with excitement and zeal, sometimes we are left with more questions than answers as our schedules quickly begin to fill up.

Real Life Young Adults is simply a community of young adults doing real life together. We embrace all of life. We embrace the adventure. We embrace the questions and we find the answers. We don’t sugar coat and we don’t avoid the truth. We establish long-lasting friendships and encounter life-changing moments.


We live real life and keep Jesus at the center of it all.

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